In Arnsberg, the project Arnsberg-wirwirALLE has been in existence since August 2016! After the start-up event in 2015 with 150 Arnsberg citizens, the Caritas Association Arnsberg-Sundern e.V. submitted the main funding application for the Aktion Mensch. The project runs until July 2019 and is developed in cooperation with many partners, e.g. The town of Arnsberg, the RLG, the Lebenshilfe, etc.

The guiding idea is: Everyone is unique (one person) and each person can contribute to a community (we) that appreciates diversity and actively participates for ALL.

The background is to develop the city of Arnsberg into an inclusive municipality in which every person has the same access opportunities to offers in different areas.

The main objective is the change of consciousness. Both on a personal as well as on a social level, awareness has been created for all people. Empathy and commitment are generated, mutual fears are reduced and commonalities are found that are lived. In concrete terms, this means that people get "space" in order to get to know each other. Consciousness change can only be achieved through participation, encounter, design and experience.

For this purpose, a total of 5 thematic areas were developed together with the citizens of Arnsberg at the kick-off event. You can read what is happening in these topics by clicking on the respective topic field in the navigation bar.

Arnsberg Einer wir Alle
gefördert durch die Aktion Mensch

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